Halifax Boers

Our Herd

 We primarily breed our does in the fall from October to November for March and April kids. All goats on the farm are vaccinated annually against rabies, CDT and CL.  All pregnant does are vaccinated for CDT a month prior to kidding to provide their kids with optimal protection.  Our herd is FAMACHA certified and are dewormed when appropriate.

During kidding our does have the option of remaining with the herd group or kidding in a pen. The pens we provide our does with are 5’ x 5’. All but 2 of our does prefer to kid in these pens. It provides the does with a quiet space away from the rest of the herd and they will preferentially stay there for a few days and bond with their kids and rejoin the rest of the herd when they are ready. The original does were kidded using a kidding pen system and they seem to pass their preferences along to their kids! Heat lamps are provided to kids but only if they are needed. All goats have access to mineral blocks at all times. Our goats prefer Sweetlix Meat Maker 20% pressed protein blocks over all other mineral blocks that we have provided them with.

 Although we strive for correct teat structure in all of our animals some of our original does did not have correct teat structure. If you are interested in the teat structure of any of our does please ask us! Often the teat structure of younger goats change as they age. A kid who appeared to have correct 1/1 teat structure at birth may develop an extra teat before weaning (or later). All of the bucks that we purchase to breed our own does have correct 1/1 teat structure.

 All of our does kid and nurse without assistance from us unless it is required. Those does that require assistance year after year are not re-bred and their progeny are not sold as breeding stock or added to our herd.

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